Aircraft Information

Garmin 430 WAAS GPS full IFR
Garmin G5 attitude indicator, Garmin G5 HSI
King KX155 Nav Com with glide slope
King KT76A mode C transponder
King KMA24 audio panel
Garmin GDL 82 ADS-B out
Stratus S2 ADS-B in
four place intercom

Transponder and Static due October 2025
Annual due May 2024
ELT FAR 91.207(d) compliance due May 2024

Cessna 172N POH

Club Bylaws & Aircraft Operating Agreement


This Aircraft Operating Agreement (AOA) has been published in order that all members of Orange County Flyers may have a complete understanding of the organizational and operational details of the Corporation which are not found in the Bylaws. The underlying purpose of having such a document is to promote safe flying and responsible operation of the Corporation aircraft at all times.

The procedures, methods, and rules contained in this AOA were established following discussions with the Corporation's insurance broker and between the Board of Directors of Orange County Flyers.  It is our sincere hope that the information contained in this AOA will be of value to the members.  If any questions arise concerning the material in this AOA or any interpretation thereof, the Board of Directors is always available to assist the membership in every way.

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